Because Families Belong in Adoration

(even your family)

Adoration Materials for Families

Tools for any EUCHARISTIC Family

Use these Adoration Materials in Adoration or while preparing to spend time with Jesus in Adoration.




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1. Adoration Board Book

Sturdy Board Book that will help children connect Jesus fully present in the Monstrance with stories of Jesus in the Bible.


  • Sturdy, durable pages
  • Friendly, inviting illustrations, created specifically for children
  • Full-color vibrant pictures that depict various stories from the Bible that help us understand Jesus's gift of Himself in the Eucharist
  • Each picture uses the glowing shape of the monstrance to help children connect the Bible Story to Jesus Christ fully present in the monstrance there in Adoration
  • Simple, powerful words that will help children adore

Available for $11 each

Included in the Family Adoration Pack.

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2. Adoration Coloring Book

Contemplate the Eucharist with the Saints!

Premium Coloring Book featuring 47 different saints and their powerful words on the Eucharist.


  • 47 beautiful saint coloring pages
  • 47 inspiring quotes from those saints about the incredible gift of the Eucharist and why we adore
  • Premium, thick paper, and sturdy cover.
  • 8"x10"
  • Wire spiral binding for easy of coloring

Available for $13 each

Included in the Family Adoration Pack.

Limited Time Offer

3. Adoration Journal for Kids

Kid's Journal Based on the Psalms created by Someday Saints

features reflection questions, coloring pages, and other prompts to encourage children to truly adore while in Adoration.


The 63-page journal is based on the Psalms and includes:

  • 19 Psalms and reflections
  • Questions for children to think about and room to write prayers and thoughts
  • Coloring pages to complement the Psalms and reflections.
  • Blank pages for drawing or journaling
  • Pages to track prayers for specific people
  • Additional prayers for Adoration
  • Terms to know about Adoration
  • Guide for praying in Adoration, to help children appreciate and understand their time before the Lord
  • 7" x 9"

Available for $11 each

Included in the Family Adoration Pack.

Limited Time Offer

You can also grab the PDF of this book directly from Someday Saints, right HERE.

4. A Parent's Guide to Adoration

Inspiration, prayers, and reflections specifically created for Parents to use while adoring.

No more wondering what to do while in Adoration!


  • A one-stop-shop for the parent heading into Adoration. This book is all that you need!
  • Realistic tips for taking kids of all ages to Adoration
  • Detailed explanation of why we Adore and what we are called to do while we are in Adoration
  • Suggestions for how to use your time in Adoration
  • Curated list of powerful Adoration Prayers
  • Detailed explanation of Lectio Divina, the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and other devotions
  • Instructions for praying for your children, spouse, friend, those who doesn't believe, and those who are ill
  • Inspiring saint quotes on Adoration

Available for $11 each

Included in the Family Adoration Pack.

Limited Time Offer

5. Set of 8 Holy Cards

Holy Cards Featuring Catholic Sprouts Original Art

Also available: Eucharistic Pencil Case 

Fun, colorful pencil case featuring original Catholic Sprouts Art. Gift this pencil case with a coloring book to all of the little ones making their 1st communion this year!

Not included in the Adoration Family Pack

If we truly believe that it is Jesus we adore, how can we stay away?

As a mother of five little ones, ages 8 and younger, I know just how hard it is to get to Adoration with the kids...and it is even harder to BE in Adoration with the kids. But I also know this...

Taking the kids to Adoration? Are you Crazy?

A few Family Adoration Issues I have had to work through over the years...

My kids are crazy. There is NO WAY I could take them to Adoration.

I felt this way for YEARS. My oldest is 8 and we have only been going to Adoration weekly for just over 3 years. So if you feel this way, I GET IT!

But, if we really believe that this is Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist, then how can we stay away? Yes, it's hard, but even 10 minutes with Jesus is a precious gift to give your children.

Make a habit of stopping by to see Jesus!

We are JUST TOO BUSY to go to Adoration!

I used to think I was too busy for adoration...and then a nun gave me this harsh truth: 

"What exactly are you doing that is more important than Jesus?"

Yikes. That puts things in perspective. 

When we feel we are too busy for Adoration, it is time to evaluate all of the things that are filling up our time. Something needs to go. Jesus should be the center point of our week, the thing that other things move around...not the thing that we "fit in if there is time."

I'm intimidated by Adoration. What do I do while I'm in there?

There are lots of parts of Adoration that can seem intimidating...

The Silence...the fact that you are face to face with the Lord of the Universe 😳.

It's okay to feel intimidated, but it's not okay to let intimidation keep you from adoring. In fact, it was this very feeling of not really knowing what to do in adoration that led me to create the PARENT'S GUIDE FOR ADORATION. The booklet is half pep talk and half useable prayers.

But here is the big thing: Adoration is not about DOING. It is about BEING. Stop worrying about what you will do once you get there, just get there. 

And when you are there, just look at Jesus, there on the altar, and let Him see you. Repeat His name. Tell Him you love Him. And then sit and rest in His love. If you can do that, than you will have used your hour very well.

My parish doesn't offer Eucharistic Adoration at I time I can attend.

Adoring Jesus in the Monstrance is best, but not the only way to adore.

If your parish doesn't offer Eucharistic Adoration at a time you can attend, get into the habit of stopping by to pray before the tabernacle. Jesus is inside! Keep Him company when the church is empty.

Also, speak to your priest about offering Adoration, or expanding the hours of Adoration. Step up and offer to cover an hour! If you help to bring Adoration to your parish, not only your family will benefit, but it will transform your whole parish! 




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