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The Daily Podcast that Strives to Plant Seeds of Faith

The Catholic Sprouts Podcast has one goal: to plant one little seed of faith each and every day.  

The daily five minute episodes are perfect for young listeners. Each episode discusses an important aspect of our Catholic Faith in a way that appeals directly to children and ends with a daily challenge to help them apply what they learned.

New episodes are available each weekday.  They are perfect for use in the classroom or the home, and for children of all ages.

Along with sharing all of the feast days from the Roman Calendar, each week we will tackle a new theme, usually drawn from the liturgical season.  The theme will be developed a little bit more each day and by the end of the week you should have plenty to think about and discuss with the children in your life.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: to LET THE EUCHARIST LEAD.

No matter how old or young, educated in the faith or not, you are invited to join the procession and follow Jesus fully present in the Eucharist!

We let the Eucharist by:

  • Dedicating one full hour a week to time in adoration, praying for the direction of this ministry.
  • Teaching often and always about the Eucharist and helping children (and parents) REALLY believe that Jesus is fully present in all the tabernacles in the world!
  • Encouraging families to engage, in lots of ways, directly with Jesus in the Eucharist, and through that be fully and utterly transformed.

Download the coloring page and prints for your home or classroom...and join the procession!!!

Why Catholic Sprouts Was Created

Let me share a little with you about why I started this daily podcast for Catholic Kids.

Ways to Use The Catholic Sprouts Podcast

It is our sincere hope that The Catholic Sprouts Podcast allows you to easily and consistently explore the wonders of our Catholic Faith with your children. Here are a few simple ideas for using The Catholic Sprouts Podcast each day.

With Your Family

In Your Classroom

  • Listen as you make breakfast and discuss as you eat with the family.
  • Listen in the car on the way to school
  • Listen in the evening before story time.

  • Listen each day as you take attendance and briefly discuss as you start class.
  • Assign your students to listen independently, outside of school and discuss the topic at the end of the week.

Words of Praise for Catholic Sprouts

"Catholic Sprouts has meant so much to my family!  The first time I played the podcast they, of course, bulked at the idea. Then, as the podcast went on, they were completely silent! Now, They listen to each podcast from start to finish without complaint. You have chosen perfect topics and the podcasts are the perfect length to keep their attention. Thank you so much for doing this and please keep it up!"


"My family absolutely LOVES these podcasts! We listen at dinner time and then share thoughts & discuss. Thank you so much for your kid friendly evangelization that has much meaning and wonderful reminders for the adults too!"


Just discovered your podcast, and it’s perfect for our morning drive to school. My daughter put it on before I could! Thank you for enriching their souls!


Questions or Concerns?

Send all questions and concerns to [email protected]


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