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The online community for Kids who want to have fun being Catholic.

"The Clubhouse is a great way for my kids to see that they are not alone. It’s the easiest and best money we decided to spend for Catholic connection, crafts, and community!"

The Sondeno Family
"The clubhouse has been an excellent add-on to our homeschool. This subscription has allowed us to connect with the larger Catholic world and it's been so enriching for my kids."

The Richards Family
“We absolutely love being part of the clubhouse! Our favorite part is the QandA with the Religious which has opened discussions about our own children's vocations."

The Dinkel Family

Four Monthly Live Events That Will Bring the FUN Back into Being Catholic.


Each month we learn a new prayer (Divine Mercy Chaplet, Litany) or Type of Prayer (Lectio Divina, Novena) and pray together before we play a fun game for real prizes!


Calling all Dragon Slayers! Each month Sir Roland joins us live and will inspire you through saints stories to get to work slaying the dragons in your life!


Meet real monks, nuns, priests and sisters each month! Hear how God called them to religious life and ask all of your questions.

**NOTE** If your family would like to join the Clubhouse, but is prevented because of your financial situation, please apply for a discount or scholarship here: 

I'm Nancy from Catholic Sprouts


As a busy Mom of 6, I know the struggles Catholic Parents face.

I created the Clubhouse because I wanted a place where my own children could pray, grow, explore vocation, create, and thrive in a uniquely Catholic way. 

I want that for my kids...and I want it for your kids as well.

Join us!

The Clubhouse

**NOTE** If your family would like to join the Clubhouse, but is prevented because of your financial situation, please apply for a discount or scholarship here: 

"The Catholic Clubhouse is a fantastic community that provides a lot of opportunities to grow in faith and fellowship. If you want to help your kids grow in knowledge of the Catholic faith and in virtue, look no further and join the Catholic Clubhouse! It’s worth every penny!"

The Dimayuga Family
I don't have to encourage my kids to go to a Clubhouse evenrt or to participate, they have asked to! They even chose joining a zoom call to learn about virtue , rather than watch a TV show. I'm so thankful to have this resource in raising my family.

The Cradle Family
"A huge thank you for Saturday's event with the Poor Clares. My daughter (9) feels a strong pull to join a religious community and this was perfect. It was great to get to watch her just soak up everything the sisters were saying. Thank you again!"

Clubhouse Family

**NOTE** If your family would like to join the Clubhouse, but is prevented because of your financial situation, please apply for a discount or scholarship here: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up?After signing up, you’ll be sent login details via email. Simply log in to the site, and you’ll have access to absolutely everything, right away.

Do I have to purchase a membership for each of my children?Nope! All you need is one membership for the whole family!

What age is the Clubhouse for?The CLUBHOUSE is aimed at serving children 4-16 years old. However, if you have a family with kids inside and outside of that range, everyone in the family is welcome to join our events.

That is a wide swath of ages, so we have various programs to engage younger and older kids.

First, we host four live events each month: Pray and Play, Religious Q&A, Craft Club, and Virtues Chat. We work hard to engage the hearts and minds of all ages of kids on these calls. 

Beyond that, our Youth Development Program works to support younger and older kids in different ways.

Children ages 4-9:
Children in these ages are invited to be part of our EXPLORER program where they complete various challenges and earn prizes. About half of the challenges must be completed at our live events. The other half of the challenges ask children to perform specific spiritual practices.

Children ages 10+
Older children are invited to be part of our NAVIGATOR program. As Navigators, they will set out on Faith Expeditions (complete audio courses). These courses will equip them as they make the Catholic Faith their own. After completing 4 Expeditions, Navigators will be promoted to the level of Youth Officer where they unlock specific privileges and duties inside the CLUBHOUSE.

What’s the cost?The Clubhouse from Catholic Sprouts is a monthly or yearly subscription-based community. Currently, the cost is:


What’s the cost per child for the Youth Development Program?The entire Youth Development Program is included in your Clubhouse Membership...but that won't always be the case! When we open our doors again, there will be an additional fee for the Youth Development Program.

This means that all of your children can participate in the Youth Development Program (and earn prizes independently) for the cost of one family membership if you sign up now.

What if we can’t make it to all of the Live Events?That is completely up to you. Here are some thoughts in case they are helpful as you make this decision. 

First, if you plan to attend everything, the CLUBHOUSE has four events (1 hour each) spread over the course of the month. 

To aid in planning, we have established the following monthly cadence:

--Pray and Play: Friday Friday at 5pm CST
--Religious Q&A: Second Saturday at 10am CST
--Craft Club: Third Saturday at 10am CST
--Virtues Chat: Fourth Thursday at 4:30pm CST

Admittedly, we often have to adjust these times and dates due to holidays or the schedule of a Religious Community we are speaking to. 

Also, we record everything and post the replays the next day to our private CLUBHOUSE YouTube channel.

To make joining meetings really simple, we have a powerful calendar tool that allows you to sync your calendar and get any changes updated automatically. This also allows you to find the Zoom links right inside your calendar, so you don't have to waste time hunting around.

What if I only want access to the Liturgical Living Audio Library AND/OR the Youth Development Materials?Then join now for just $12 a month!
Lots of families are here just for the Audio Stories and even more are just here for the Youth Development Program. We are keeping the overall price low so you can join and use just what you want without feeling guilty.

How will you keep my children safe online?On each Clubhouse Call 2 Clubhouse Team Members will be present. We are all Safe-Environment trained through our home dioceses. We also encourage parents to attend all the calls and preview all materials.

I would love for my kids to make personal connections with other Catholic Kids. How will they be able to do that inside the CLUBHOUSE?Admittedly, our live calls are not a great place to make personal connections with other kids. 

But! The CLUBHOUSE PenPal Program IS a great place to meet a new friend!

When we last welcomed new members, Jill, our community manager, matched over 140 Catholic Kids from all over the world. 

First, she had them fill out a form so she could learn about them and what they were looking for in a penpal. For example:

Were they a military family looking to connect with another military family?
Were they a boy with only sisters, looking for another boy in a similar situation?
Were they looking for someone who lived nearby…that they could maybe meet in real life?
Were they looking for someone who lived far away and could tell them about where they lived?
Were they homeschool/private school/public school kids looking for someone in a similar situation?

On and on…

Jill meticulously matched kids, and it's beautiful to see the result. Many of the penpals have become true friends, and that just warms my heart!

We Can't Wait to Meet You!

Catholic Family life is busy and messy, but it is also beautiful and so much fun.

Join us inside the Clubhouse, and let’s grow closer to the Heart of Jesus together.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Cancel at any time.

If you join the Clubhouse and change your mind, just email [email protected] for a refund.

**NOTE** If your family would like to join the Clubhouse, is are prevented because of your financial situation, please apply for a discount or scholarship here: 

Upcoming Clubhouse Events


Monthly Cadence of Live Meetings

  • Pray and Play: Friday Friday at 5pm CST
  • Religious Q&A: Second Saturday at 10am CST
  • Craft Club: Third Saturday at 10am CST
  • Virtues Chat with Sir Roland: Fourth Thursday at 4:30pm CST

**NOTE: times may be adjusted for holidays or to accomidate the prayer schedule of a religous community.

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