Marian Themed Planner

Catholic Woman's Companion Liturgical Planner

December '18 - December '19

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The 2019 Catholic Woman's Companion Liturgical Planner was thoughtfully and beautifully designed exclusively for Catholic Women.

The 2019 Catholic Woman's Companion boosts the following features:

  • A convenient size: 7"x9"
  • Durable cover with stunning gold foil
  • Simple, beautiful explanation of why each of us need to grow closer to Mary
  • Year-at-a-glance calendar
  • Yearly and Monthly goal planning sheets
  • Original Art depicting 13 Titles of Our Blessed Mother
  • Simple, powerful explanations of each Marian title with beautiful words from a saint, a prayer to learn, and an action you can preform each month to grow closer to Mary
  • Monthly Spread 
  • Weekly Spread which includes room for meal planning, a habit tracker, a verse from Sunday's Gospel, and room for notes
  • Complete list of Roman Catholic Feast Days listed on each month AND weekly spread
  • Space to take notes and write down intentions
  • Lots of white space to write down the thoughts and needs unique to you
  • An index includes many Marian Prayers and ideas for growing in relationship with Our Blessed Mother

The planner also features a metal spiral binding, full color cover and mulit-color interior.

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Why a Marian Themed Planner?

What business does Mary have being in your planner?  

Simply, Mary is the most important travel companion we have for this life. She is willing to teach us, lead us, protect us, and intercede for us. She is happy to comfort us, nudge us, and laugh with us. 

We need Mary's friendship each day--so what better place to find her than in your planner?

Mary, who lived the vocation of wife and mother, is a great gift from God. But, in order to share in her graces and wisdom, we need to know her.  

Over the course of this year you will explore 13 Marian Titles, and through them our Blessed Mother.  You will also be challenged to learn 13 prayers and practice 13 actions (one each month) that will deepen your relationship with her.

If you don't feel particularly close to Mary right now, please don't be discouraged. Closeness to Mary is something we work on and achieve slowly, one Rosary bead at a time. No matter who you are, or what you have done, Mary is eager to know you and live beside you, every day.

Purchasing Options

Free Gospel Journal if you purchase in the first day (Nov 1)!

Add a Daily Docket Journal for just $7

If you know you want a Marian Planner and purchase in the first 2 days (Nov 1), I will be throwing in a free Gospel Reflection Journal.

The Journal invites you to reflect on one verse from each Sunday's Gospel Reading for the year. The verse is included in the journal as a coloring page. The opposite page is blank and a great place to jot down your own thoughts.

Ideas for the use of this journal:

  • Mass Journal
  • Weekly Prayer Journal
  • Space to take notes during weekly spousal meeting
  • Place to write out and memorize scripture verses

Here's a peek inside the Gospel Reflection Journal:

The daily docket journal is a simple tool for planning out and ordering each day.

This undated journal offers a specially designed page to walk you through your priorities: God, Me, Husband, Children, Home, Work. 

A beautiful practice is to sit down with the daily docket each morning. In that quiet time, write down one thing revealed to you in prayer, decide how you will care for yourself, pick one action you can preform to demonstrate your love for your husband, make a plan for your time with the kids, create a to-do list of chores you need to do around the home, and brainstorm what you need to accomplish with your work.

Spending just a few minutes with a daily docket each and every morning can literally change everything. 

Add a daily docket to your order for just $7.

If you are interested in only the Weekly Gospel Reflection Journal, and not the planner, you can purchase one for $7!

Meet the Creator

Hi, I'm Nancy, an imperfect wife and mother of 4, with #5 on the way.  

Above all else, I love to serve and connect with Catholic Women. This was my sole motivator for creating the Catholic Woman's Companion. I wanted a planner that would help us not only plan out our busy lives, but also continually call us to holiness through small things.

I pray that this little book brings order and peace to your life, and serves as a daily reminder to take the small, thankless activities of your day, and turn them into a prayer and offering to God.

Thank you for your support, and God Bless!

Is this a physical planner or a digital download?

The Catholic Woman's Companion is a real, physical book that will be arriving in the mail shortly after you place your order. To keep the planner cost effective, the planner will not arrive with tabs already in place. Instead you will get a digital file of tabs that match the planner. Simple print the tabs on sturdy cardstock and follow the simple instructions to add them to your planner.

The liturgical bundle, if you decide to purchase that package, is 100% digital. People who purchase the bundle will receive their planner in the mail and will receive all 13 liturgical activities via email shortly after placing the purchase.

Is this planner really just for Catholics? Would it work for people that are Christian, but not Catholic?

Sorry, but yes, this planner is really only for you if you are Catholic. The Catholic Church has a unique set of daily readings and liturgical calendar. These things serve as the absolute backbone of the planner. Therefore, if you are not Catholic, much of the planner simply won't make sense to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

purchase includes printable, easy to add tabs

Should I buy now, or will these planners be going on sale?

If you would like a free Gospel Reflection Journal, then yes, buy right now. I don't expect these to last long.

But, even more than that, if you want a planner, please get one while supplies last! Since I used a traditional publisher to print these planners I have a fixed number of planners and once they are gone...they are gone.  

After I order, how long until I get my planner?

I am handling all of the shipping myself, so after you place your order, I will get the planner in the mail as soon as possible! Since I am using Shopify to manage all of the transactions, shipping should be pretty seamless. However, if you still have yet to receive your planner 2 weeks after purchasing it, please email me at [email protected]

Will the planner ship Internationally?

Yes! I plan to ship anywhere in the world. However, although I am working to get you the cheapest postage cost, it can still be expensive.  

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Mary wants to spend the year with you.


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