Reclaim The Day

Free 7 Day Course For Catholic Mothers

I asked my readers what they struggle with the most as mothers, wives and homemakers.  

Over 500 Catholic women responded.

The answers took different forms, but resoundingly women wrote about one thing:


A failure at keeping a clean and organized home.

A failure at being a loving wife, and giving your husband what he needs.

A failure at being truly present with our children.

I get these feelings. I've felt them. And, despite my best efforts, I continue to feel them every day.

But this isn't how we are supposed to live.

In my own life as a stay at home mother I have endeavored to reclaim my day from the chaos it can easily slip into.  I have done so my ordering my priorities in this way:

#1 God

#2 Me

#3 Husband

#4 Kids

#5 Home

#6 Community

It takes work every day to put order and purpose in our days with kids and housework, but it can be done.

Because We Are Called To Live Better

Let Me Show You.


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