10 Things I’ve Improved at Since Becoming a Mom

  1. Emily Reiter says:

    Oh man, I totally, literally laughed out loud at the poop poop face slug!! Then I read it to my husband and he laughed, too. I loved this post, even your typos. It all shows you are a busy mom. I’m sure I could have a crazy blog with my 4 yr old girl’s crazy language and logic. But it’s so messed up that unless I had a tape recorder I can’t even duplicate it, my brain won’t let me be so illogical. She’s hilarious. I’ve stayed in the kitchen while I heard a chorus of screams, too. I even tell myself, “just wait, if it’s serious they’ll come get you.” Then they switched to playing again. You’re doing great, mommy. Sit and feed that baby and soak up some hormones when it gets super stressful.

  2. How totally funny and TRUE!!!!! hahahaha I get where you are coming from. ~smile~

  3. Nell says:

    I’m DYING!!! You’re hilarious!!!

  4. Victoria says:

    Hi Nancy! My name is Victoria and I’m writing you from Valencia (Spain). I’ve read your post from the first letter until the last, it’s so funny! I love it!. First of all I have to say I’m 50, single and have no children so I have no motherhood experience but I remember having heard those kind of comments on children by my sister (I’ve got two grown up nephews) and friends. Great post, congratulations!

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