Terrorism is the use of violence against non-military people for political or personal gain. Terrorism attempts to control or change through fear. 9-11 Was the greatest act of terrorism this country has seen, and when our children learn about the events of that day, we need to be clear that terrorism is wrong. However, the […]


July 5, 2023

J1ST 133: Terrorism

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As the Church teachers, war is a terrible phenomenon that should be avoided at all costs. To illustrate this, the Church offers us the “Just War Doctrine” something that applies to every few modern conflicts. In order for a war to be “just” it must: Be the result of damage by the aggressor that is […]


July 3, 2023

J1ST 132: War

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Today’s episode explores the fifth theme of Catholic Social Teaching as laid out by the US Bishops. I am discussing both topics, Dignity of Work and Workers Rights, together in this episode. Above all else, I desire for my children to learn that work has dignity–and this applies to all work: jobs, chores around the […]


June 28, 2023

J1ST 131: Dignity of Work and Worker’s Rights

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According to a recent study, up to 3 Million Americans are currently homeless. The US Bishops refer to this as a tragedy, which we are all asked to help remedy. Afterall, as JPII said, a home is not just a roof and four walls. A home is where life takes place, and each human person […]


June 26, 2023

J1ST 130: Care for those who are Homeless

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