Creating a Family That Works Together

  1. Darlene P. says:

    Nancy, I so very much enjoy your blog. Your support of raising up a true family by all that you share is invaluable. We so often forget how dear relationships are, how precious each soul is and the joy we experience when we choose to see the beauty that each one holds, the special delight God sought when He made each one of us. Of all, the importance of working together is paramount as it proves our connection to each other, whether we are heading in the right direction relationally or whether we need to address the “quirks.” How important is encouragement in such a process and yet the need for honesty in order to stay authentic, genuine. I look forward to see what you share next! Blessings to you!!

    • thank you so much for sharing this! We are so on the same page–and if you ever have some tips to add or share, please do so! I certainly don’t have all of the answer!

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