A Few Bump Pictures From A Girl Who Hates It

  1. Karen says:


    I just wanted you to know what a Gon-sent you have been for me. I “stumbled upon” you while looking for cross stitch hoop patterns on Etsy, and came to your site. It is oh-so-gorgeous! I am planning to start my crafting blog soon, and was kind of hesitating how – and how much – to incorporate my faith into it. Seeing yours was definitely the answer and confirmation I needed. Your ideas are out of this world! I will definitely be getting at least one pattern each month. Besides being beautiful, yours is definitely the kind of activity I support. Congratulations and lots of blessings on your pregnancy. Your pouch is beautiful, and you are full of God’s presence, it shows on your face. I pray I may someday have a family as beautiful as yours, and be able to live the faith with them in such awesome ways. Thank you and God bless!

    • oh Karen, you are making me blush. Take the plunge into blogging–there is a great community of Catholic bloggers and they have been a great support for me. When the blog is all set up, send me the link. I’d be happy to watch it grown and come together for you!

  2. tonilea says:

    Coincidentally my daughter (32) and I were just talking about this today. A lady came to the park who was at least 8 3/4 months pregnant and wearing a tight, form fitting dress. I said how different it is now from when I was pregnant all those years ago — pretty much non stop from 1971 til 1984! — . I had several maternity tops that were loose and flowy from right above the bust on down long enough to cover any manifestation of the pregnancy. I had skirts that had a hole cut out that left room for the expanding abdomen and tied above the “bump”. The skirts and pants (some of which had the hole cut out and others that were just biggish and held up with elastic but at least had fabric all the way up to the “waist”) were covered by the top which was NEVER of any jersey or ribbed or clingy fabric. Oh, my, how things have changed. Personally, because I am “old” I would not like showing my “bump” I sort of don’t like to call it a “bump” either. My daughter, on the other hand, merely said, “well anybody would know anyway” and that is true, but I guess I just am old fashioned and would not want to “let it all hang out”. Some things are just kind of personal. I really never liked but also never said no if someone wanted to touch my stomach to feel the baby move. I’m glad things were different in my day. God bless all the pregnant mamas. It is a blessing and a gift. Enjoy it and love it and realize that you can never get back any of those wonderful days so just embrace it all.

  3. Samantha says:

    Promised myself I’d take lots of bump pics (and only post a few so as to not overwhelm anyone) because I want to remember this special time & document the excitement that comes with each change in fruit or vegetable size the baby is. Only at a raspberry now (8 weeks) but I’ll let you know if I change my mind come 33 weeks!

  4. Heather says:

    I don’t really follow blogs, but every single one of your posts has spoken to me. Keep writing the Lord is working through you!!!

    I have my first little one coming our way in September.

  5. Amanda says:

    From someone who feels similar about my own bump pictures, you are beautiful! God is working a great miracle through you. I hope the rest of your pregnancy and delivery are free of complications.

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