Homemade Bubble Solution

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  2. 36+ Affordable Handmade Gift Ideas for Young Children - Humble in a Heartbeat says:

    […] Homemade Bubble Solution from Do Small Things with Love […]

  3. […] Stop wasting money on store-bought bubbles when you’ve got the supplies make them in your own home. Simply mix soap, sugar, and water to get your own. Here’s the full guide. […]

  4. […]  Here’s the fun part! Everyone’s eaten and is ready to play. Go for simple games that don’t require complicated logistics planning, like tossing a ball, skipping rope or playing with a Frisbee. This is also a great occasion for all the jumping and singing games like Simon Says or a plain old running race. Some other great activities which require a little more preparation are kite-flying and blowing bubbles. The kids can even take the kites and bubble bottles home with them! Here’s a really easy tutorial to make your own bubble solution at home, from the blog, Do Small Things with Love  […]

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