Love is Patient: Mothering Little Ones

  1. Kate Butler says:

    I’m about to embark in the 3 under 4 (outside the womb) adventure as a SAHM in a week or so. My oldest will be 37 months, so it will be like this for awhile so you’re post is so timely and exactly what I needed to read!

    For me, I always struggle with the challenges of the housekeeping and mothering. Its so easy to fill the time with the dishes, food prep, cleaning, etc….I will always be unsatisfied to some extent at the level of my performance at housekeeping, and the children always suffer because of that. Learning to set that stuff aside and love the people in my home makes all the difference—but it takes so much surrender and grace, which is exactly where God would have me :). I not only have to be patient with the children, but also with myself in accepting that what it looked like all we did was learn how to do a button (or any other mundane thing) we are actually all growing in holiness along the way.

    Also loved you said the Lord gives you a challenge….I never heard it put that way, but I found the same to be very true for me. He is so loving and not wanting us to be stuck where we are and to find a way to be closer to Him!

  2. Nicole says:

    Mama, you are a blessing. I am in these wilds too, and because of you, we had a lovely car picnic in the driving rain yesterday before wading into our first Adoration for less than 10 minutes, and it was wonderful. And I noticed even though it didn’t bring me a great deal of immediate peace because I wanted the feeling of a Benediction, I saw the fruit in their own prayers both in the sanctuary and later at home. Your work pushed me to commit to going no matter what. Your words on patience are exactly what I need just now. Thank you!

  3. Stephanie Hambleton says:

    I so needed to read this today! Thank you for sharing your reflections with us. They are such a great reminder of how I am called to love in my vocation as a mother to three kiddos age three and under.

  4. Kelly says:

    Thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping me find this blog today. I was searching scripture this morning for exactly the same answers. do I gain patience with three small children? I was reading a book passed on to me that gleaned this advice, “You create a positive climate by being patient. (You put off till tomorrow what you’d mess up by doing today.)” Thank you for sharing, now off to reflect on Corinthians.

    • Even though I wrote these words I still struggle and fail. Today I failed again. I love these words: You create a positive climate by being patient. Thank you for being here and blessings on your family!

  5. alison rothwell says:

    how beautiful

  6. “Paul didn’t write that love is organized or timely or immaculately clean. No, love is patient.”


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