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Looking to sow daily seeds of faith in your kiddos' hearts? Our bite-sized episodes, only 5 minutes long, are perfect for weaving faith into your children's daily routine. Whether it's during breakfast or on-the-go in the car, our podcast offers a convenient way to nurture their spirituality. Join the 10k+ daily listeners worldwide who rely on us for faith-filled content every single day!

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Hey there, Catholic parents and teachers!

We cover it all on the Catholic Sprouts Podcast—from Saints to Sacraments, Virtue to Vice, and everything in between. We also love to keep things fresh and exciting by having incredible guest hosts join us. And best of all? We're not afraid to shout the name of Jesus from the rooftops and put all our trust in Him! So, come journey with us as we share the Truth and Fullness of the Catholic Faith in the most fun and engaging way possible. 

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We’ve had so many parents tell us how much they love listening to the Catholic Sprouts podcast and the incredible conversations they have with their children after listening. Ready to be part of something truly special? Embrace the call to join the club today and witness the profound deepening of your family's faith journey.

Testimonials of faith and community

"It has been a joy to listen to your positive and uplifting voice each morning"

These are comments coming from two very energetic brothers who often complain about attending Sunday Mass. They take the daily challenge to heart and have reminded me a couple of times this week after school that we need to follow through to complete the challenge. I, too, am learning and am inspired. I intend to make it a habit to provide this to my family every school day this year.
It has been a joy to listen to your positive and uplifting voice each morning. You have a gift for this form of ministry and teaching. Thank you for using your gift! My prayers are with you for the success of your ministry.

Catholic Mom in Indiana

"I wish I’d known about you years ago!!" 

I’m new to Catholic Sprouts - my six kids and I have been listening over breakfast for maybe three weeks now. I wish I’d known about you years ago!! You start our homeschool day off right with our minds & hearts on Jesus & your content is just phenomenal!! It’s absolutely refreshing to hear solid Catholic teaching presented clearly & at a level all my kids can learn from! The tween down to the baby all learn and pray... and of COURSE we *all* dance during the theme song!! THANK YOU & keep up your amazing catechesis ministry!!

Catholic Mom in Illinois

"Please know of the huge impact you are making on my children"

"I have shared this podcast far and wide thru the years. One of my friends who now has young children of her own listens to this daily on her school drive. She is now in the process of entering the church this coming Easter! Your podcast has been instrumental for her to learn along with her daughters! THANK YOU!!!" 

Lourdes Family

Do you have a topic you’re passionate about? Let us know! We are always looking for more amazing guest hosts. 

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