Rosary Quiet Book Pattern

  1. Cristina Alcântara says:

    Gostaria muito de adquirir os moldes posso pagar no pix ???? Qual e o valor total

  2. Esther says:

    Hi, I purchased the pattern on Etsy, but it doesn’t come with a list of supplies. Could you send them to me? Thank you.

  3. Susan says:

    I would love to purchase this pattern but can not find the link to purchase it. Would you please help with this issue.

    Thank you

  4. Jessie says:

    I would like to purchase where can I do that?

  5. Sarah says:


    Do you still sell these? I looked in the store and registered for the Resources Library, but I can’t find a link anywhere. I’ve looked at a variety of Rosary activity books and like yours the best!

    Thank you,

  6. Kolbie says:

    I’m having trouble finding the link to purchase the pattern

  7. Jocelyn says:

    Hello Im interested in purchasing i just need more information on what just selling the pattern means. Are all the pieces there and I just have to create the book? Im sorry Im very crafty when it comes to activities but I dont want to purchase and misunderstand.

  8. Patricia Logan says:

    Do you still sell these? Thank you.

  9. Laura says:

    Please could you make me one please please please! How much would that be if you could ? I would be so grateful. This is so beautiful but I do not have the time sadly. Many thanks. God bless

  10. Katharina says:

    This is really amazing!

  11. […] I made this project from this awesome site Catholic Sprouts: Do small things with love: Click Here […]

  12. Dear Nancy,
    I am an 84 year old Franciscan nun who had a great craft room. We just sold our convent and I had to dismantle my site. I won’t be able to do all the crafts I used to. However, I would like to spread devotion to Mary and I think the Rosary Quiet Book is the answer. I made a little nook in the luggage room where I can work. I can pay for the patterns, but I don’t have access to computers now and I don’t have a credit card. Can I send you a check and get it by snail mail? If so, send me your actual address. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. God bless your endeavors.

  13. Janet Nadel says:

    I think this idea is a wonderful way to introduce the rosary to young children. It would be perfect for my grandson. I wish I could purchase it but even the low price of $6 is out of my budget. I’m on disability. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors.

  14. CJ Grace says:

    Hello! I love this idea and purchased the pattern immediately! How much time would you estimate each book takes? And what would you guess is the cost for the materials to create the complete set? Trying to budget for the project. Thanks so much!

  15. Luccia Faulkner says:

    Hi! We have many little hands that would love this quiet book. Do you happen to sell it now? I’m not very crafty besides glue and scissors. Also, I have the EXACT same Marian necklace you are wearing on your cover photo! I’ve never seen anyone else wearing it. I don’t know much about it, do you know if there is a name of that image of the Blessed Mother?

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Anna Jose says:

    Hi ! I love this! you are very creative! Are you selling the pattern or the books? I’d definitly like to know more.
    Regards from Switzerland.

  17. Susanne says:

    Can you tell me the basic skills for this project? Cutting, hand stitching? Gluing?

  18. Joan says:

    Hi Nancy, The other day I saw a Mass felt book on your blog, now I can’t find it and I wish to purchase the pattern. Could you please tell me how to find it.

  19. Lisette says:

    Just got your email today about this and would love to do it. What’s the best way to cut the shapes out?

    • The best way is to first cut our the paper piece. Then use clear tape and tape the paper directly to the felt. Cut around the paper piece and voila! a perfectly cut piece for you book! I hope that helps!

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  21. Jennifer says:

    Just an FYI… you spelled PENTECOST wrong. There’s no “a”. 🙂

    This project looks amazing! I can tell how much time and love you put into it! Thank you for blessing all of us with your talents!

  22. Martha says:

    I’m on the same page as Laura: I’m not sure I would ever be crafty enough to manage this, but I absolutely would buy them and encourage others to do so. I think you’d have quite the market for these! Please keep us all posted if you work something out to publish/sell!

    • You guys are so sweet. I would love to make these for everyone that wants one–but I just can’t justify the time! so sorry! But, if you are interested I developed a printable version of the book. Just coloring and cutting basically. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: https://www.catholicsprouts.com/2016/01/printable-rosary-quiet-book.html

      • I’ve been successful with another variant on the scrapbook theme: using office supplies (document laminator) and some discarded disposable table cloths (recycled from clean, dry, decorations eg after celebrating parish events)

        Choose a background color, eg purple for sorrowful mysteries and cut all shapes from this one shade (or complement with one other complementary color white/black for visual effect). Line the photo-sized pouch with a single 5″ x 7″ (or 4″ x 6″) rectangle as background for your image NB use a photocopier to scale the template shapes to fit the smaller format — then cut out shapes as for felt or paper. Layer the shapes ( use double thickness for extra emphasis) to form the images, no need to glue, static electricity should hold them in place. Careful fold down the top of the pouch over your design ( laying out in Portrait format – ie wide rectangle not tall – leaves a margin for the binding ). Use a hole punch to make holes BEFORE fusing as its easier to cut the thin sheets than the thicker end product). Fuse your image in place in the heat laminator – the pages act like stained glass since the plastic tablecloth becomes transparent to light – hold them up to sunshine or a lamp to contemplate the mystery (or gospel story, saint or sacramental — I’ve made scrapbooks for first penance, students collating a handful of meaningful images on that theme as the catechetical year progresses – concluding with a finished scrapbook at reception of the sacrament ). Enjoy!

  23. Emily says:

    Your book is lovely and a great idea. I say the rosary while my kids are falling asleep, either after or instead of a lullaby. My 3-year-old asks me to sit with her and “say the Hail Marys.” She falls asleep pretty fast but still learns that this is something important and enjoyable that we do every day. She is also learning the rhythm of the rosary. I just wanted to share this as another idea — maybe a good choice for other times of the day.

  24. Christi says:

    Hi! Just found your blog via callherhappy and I LOVE this idea for learning/listening to the family rosary! I have been racking my brain for the better part of five years for what little ones could do during this time and I think you are awesome for coming up with just the ticket! Does your pattern on etsy come with a shopping list? I plan on purchasing it soonf thanks so much!!

  25. […] I use for binding my books–the method I used for this project and the method I used for my Rosary Quiet Books, which in the end were a more slender […]

  26. […] Raising a child I have often pondered what traditions we can do around our house together during Lent to let us grow closer to Christ and closer together. My two year old seems too squirmish to sit through a rosary prayer but I just read this great blog that has fun ideas to incorporate Lent into your household with your youngsters. Her ideas include burying the “Alleluia”, changing decor, and praying the Sorrowful Mysteries as a family. You can find her post here. I also stumbled upon a great tutorial on a quiet book pattern for little ones while you are praying the rosary! She has a great sale going on on the patterns and I plan to make a set for Miss L and each of my hubbies sister’s families! You can find her blog post, along with pictures of each page, and a link to purchase her pattern here. […]

  27. Emily Reiter says:

    I love it!!!! Love it love it love it!!!!! No wonder you’ve been on a big felt kick through December! Wow. I’m so excited. I showed my husband immediately because we are trying to say more and more Hail Mary’s to build up to a decade each night. Right now we usually say 3-5 HM’s at prayer time and a decade each night we have the pilgrim Queen. Kids are 9 mo, 3, 4, and 5 yrs. At first, husband said, “well that would be ok if we were saying it, but I want them to pray, too.” Then I read him the rest of the description!!! Oh I love it. I think it would really help them understand!

  28. Sandy Redding says:

    Nancy, this is amazing! I’m looking through it and wondering how I can get my computer or Cricut Die Cut Machine to do this as I don’t do this type of project any more! This creation is a wonderful work of love and art.

  29. Nancy, this is absolutely gorgeous. I am not in the least bit crafty or as gifted in sewing as you are, and I could never make this. But if you ever decided to create and sell these, I would absolutely order a whole set, no matter how long it took! They are beautiful and so thoughtfully designed for little ones. What a gift you have!

    • You are so sweet, Laura, and I can’t wait for our meet-up this weekend. The big master plan (somewhere down the line) is to work with some sort of a Catholic publisher and get this, or a version of this, made into a children’s book. Not sure how that will happen, but that is the grand plan. We’ll see what happens, and when I have time to get any of this going ;)!

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