On The Smallness of Motherhood

  1. Candice says:

    I feel the exact same way most of the time, Nancy. Hang in there! I came accross a book a couple years ago called “The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood” and it is about some aparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to a wife and mother. It really helped me start to (I’m still struggling like you) learning to embrace the smallness.

  2. Nell says:

    I feel these ways a lot. And I don’t think if I stopped all my side projects it would go away. I think I’ve finally found balance in my side projects and then also being full time with the kids alllll the day long. You are wonderful.

  3. Jodi Olson says:

    I think the emotions posted by Nancy are legitimate and real. If any stay at home mom (or not stay at home) of young children is HONEST with themselves, they would note that these feelings ring true. They could acknowledge the struggle that occurs with being a stay at home mom in this culture that applauds personal accolades over instilling family virtues in your young ones is hard. Just because something is hard, does not mean there is something wrong. If we look at motherhood as a vocation, then we will grow in holiness by dying to ourselves and our wants, which is painful, as Nancy described. Growing holy sounds wonderful, but it hurts as God chips away at our imperfections and self-fishness. If you are not challenged by your vocation, you are not growing in your vocation, and thus closer to God… Beautiful post, thank you for being open, vulnerable, real and HONEST>

  4. Vickie says:

    Nancy, hang in there. As I read this I am thinking your being way to hard on yourself. You may need to take a break from the actual blogging and the pattern designs for a while and just try and enjoy your babies and the summer here in Minnesota. I think your trying to do way to many things SLOW down. Like St. Thérèse of Lisieux always said she tried to do all things for the love of God, even if it was picking up a piece of paper off the floor. I have to agree with Grandma that our not so mother friendly culture makes it hard to be and enjoy motherhood. It wouldn’t hurt to get a physical. If you haven’t had your TSH or T4 done request that to be done, because if your thyroid is out of whack that can and will affect your moods and your heart and your hormones. It is amazing all the things that the thyroid controls. Now that it is summer do you have any young girl baby sitters or confirmation girls that need hours, that could come over while your home and entertain the children while you get something done around the house whether it is blogging, designing patterns or just laundry or scrubbing the floor. Oh and before I forget have a Vitamin D level also. Are grandparents around that could you can ask them to give a morning or afternoon of help?.
    I don’t live that terribly far from you, if there is someway we could connect beside through your blog, I could give you my home #. I would be more then happy to meet with you and the kids. Just so you know I’m not a stocker. I just like to lend a helping hand if you would let me.
    Love and God bless.

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