What Ma Ingalls Taught Me About Businesses

  1. Akhi Reza says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Mom wrote an article here about ingalls business. The article has been great. In the past, mothers were just busy making babies, but now they can do business. Your ideas are great. Thank you.

  2. Jason says:

    Your post and the beautiful pics are amazing. It gives me peace while i reading your post.

  3. Therese Ridgeway says:

    I saw ‘Little House on the Prairie’ as the TV Series when I was a child and was always amazed that even though we called it ‘pioneer’ days they actually had everything. Devotion and obedience to prayer in their family, appropriate clothing, food on the table, sewing and education. It really is not much different to today. We don’t all have everything but we do have what we need. Our lives include struggles like Ma Ingles, that we just didn’t see coming and sometimes we have to work it all out on our own while keeping the family going.
    Thanks for this blog. I have already signed up for your course and re-read it while I give my home business structure.

  4. Carol Wilhelmi says:

    I like your insight. It has been years since I have read the Little House books. I also wonder, since the books are written from Laura’s perspective, that she may not have known if her mother struggles with such feelings. Does Laura hint to her own feelings as a wife and mother in the later books?
    I do agree that the lives of wives and mothers were looked upon very differently in the past and culture has played a huge role in that. I feel the role of mother, especially stay at home mother, has become under valued. Especially among women, as they are encouraged in education and career. In addition, do modern conveniences leave us with more idle time, more “Facebook” time, more time to question our worth? I can’t imagine Ma Ingles having much idle time with all she needed to do. I find myself struggling with that as well. Finding passions is helpful. The passions of today are different than those of Ma Ingles time. Most importantly, those passions should help mothers realize their gifts and talents gifted to them by our Lord, and find a way to use them for the good of their family and of others.
    Just some thoughts.

    • Thank you for this wonderfully thoughtful comment. I completely agree about the fact that the books were written by Laura, and her mother’s struggles might have been overlooked or even left out. However, as you so nicely pointed out, I think there remains an important point for us modern women to think about. What do we do with our idle time–and how have we been changed (for better or worse) with all of these conveniences?

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