10 Ideas to Help You Find Time to Pray the Rosary

  1. Chidimma says:

    really prayer the rosary is a very powerfully’ prayer we get from our blessed mother mary

  2. Christine says:

    Pls pray for me as I have health problems so I cannot work and as a result I do not have any money to be dependent on….my family is taking care of me by providing me with food, pays my flat rent, pays for me to have an Admed Gap in case of medical shortness when having to pay for a procedure….they are very kind and I love them so much…..the one thing that causes frictions and arguments is when I have to ask for help with medication….they do not want me to take medications but with all the problems I have, I cannot not have some type of reliever to ease my pain….it is very hard

  3. Roseann says:

    I have been praying the rosary for about 2 years after the Co-vid came into our lives I had to wake up I work part time in a nursing home I had feeling about life for the elderly people they brighten up my life and the rosary gives me a good feeling

  4. Olivia says:

    Thank you so much,they are good ideas and it is so helpful, I will start today.may the Almighty God bless you and protect you all the days of your be life .

  5. Pradip Rodrigues says:

    This was very helpful indee for the first time ever , I ha e committed to liste i g to mass and praying the rosary every day. I missed the rosary yesterday and came upon your website tor tips to keep up the practice.

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