A Month of Small Things for Mary–FREE eBOOK!

  1. Aileen says:

    Thank you for these. I plan to use it for our atrium for TK-2nd grade students

  2. Marilen Picornell says:

    great patterns you are offering for free. I can make these cross stitch and give it to to the poor here. I’m from the Order of Malta -Philippine Association. They are the ones who appreciate it the most.

  3. Martha O'Brien says:

    I plan on using some of these with my kindergarten CCD class

  4. Priscilla says:

    Can I still get the Month of small things for Mary?

  5. Lacey campbell says:


  6. Laraine Languell says:

    I am a catholic crafty mom too! I will do these projects with my littles.

  7. Katie says:

    Hi!! I live in Kansas City! I just wanted to be the first to say welcome! Safe travels!


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