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From Catholic Sprouts, a trusted voice in Catholic catechesis?

Without a bunch of prep from Mom and Dad

  • You face time demands and competing priorities 
  • Your own faith formation was imperfect and you feel unequipped to teach your kids
  • Your house is full of busy toddlers and/or surly teens
  • Secular culture lies to our kids about who they are and what they should believe

But being Catholic is a radical choice in our world especially when…

And if you’re anything like me…

You struggle to find an authentically Catholic community that has something for your whole family. 

You want to expose your kids to Religious Vocations but don’t live near nuns and monks. 

You have all the best intentions to teach the Faith at home but fail to follow through. And when you do, the kids complain.

You feel defeated by the mainstream culture, pressure from your kids’ peers, and all the influences outside your Catholic home. 

I hear you. I am you. And I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can join a community for kids that is both authentically Catholic and super fun.

You can get support in your at-home catechesis on virtual calls with everything from meeting monks and nuns to touring the Holy Land. 

You can give your kids Catholic opportunities and show them other families living the faith. 

The Clubhouse is a virtual community for Catholic kids designed to show them how fun it is to be Catholic. Through weekly calls, your kids will connect with other children from around the world, all immersed in Catholic culture. With no additional work for parents, your kids will show up, meet religious orders, learn to pray, make beautiful crafts, and grow in virtue. 

It all happens inside… The Clubhouse! 

Sounds perfect for our family!

Our families love the Clubhouse because…

“It's helped my kids realize other kids enjoy our faith and they aren't alone.”

“It opens conversations about our Faith and spurs curiosity, encouraging us to learn more.” 

“The Clubhouse gives my kids something of quality and takes the burden of planning off of me.”

Each month inside The Clubhouse you’ll get access to four live calls…


Explore the power of prayer! Learn a new prayer and pray it with the group. Stay for games with real prizes (we ship to you!).

Why it’s a faith game-changer:

Your children's prayers, sacrifices, and actions matter. Right now, they’re learning to make the Faith their own. This call equips children with prayer tools and shows them how fun it is to be Catholic. 

Religious Order Q&A

Join in as monks, nuns, and priests share the story of their call to religious life, the unique charism of their order, and answer questions. 
(Did you know Poor Clare cloistered nuns have a pajama veil they wear to bed?!? Clubhouse kids have the best questions!)

Why it’s a faith game-changer:

Kids aren’t going to consider a religious vocation unless they see and experience it. Allowing them to meet various religious orders and ask questions is critical as they discern their own call.

Craft Club

Join Thérèse, our 16-year-old craft leader, in creating beautiful, liturgically appropriate crafts. Don’t worry, we keep craft supplies simple and inexpensive! Our kids LOVE the show and share at the end!

Why it’s a faith game-changer:

I intend to craft with my kids…but never do. Inside the Clubhouse, we take care of planning and teaching. All your kids have to do is show up and make something beautiful that celebrates the liturgical season!

Big Kid Study with Sir Rolland 

Older kids will especially enjoy a virtue study with Sir Rolland, the Dragon Slayer. Through an interactive and fun discussion, your big kids will learn about a virtue and how to cultivate it in their lives. 

Why it’s a faith game-changer:

Big kids need an authentically Catholic space to wrestle with big issues. Sir Rolland will challenge them to grapple with vice and embrace their identity as followers of Christ.

PLUS, our parents stay connected and encourage each other in our exclusive Slack community! 

Join our Catholic Clubhouse Family

"It’s a convenient way to connect to others with like-minded faith and family"

"When the Clubhouse first launched, we had just made a HUGE move and were a little lost, and lonely. The Clubhouse offers activities, friendships, and learning more about our faith, in a tangible way.
It’s a convenient way to connect to others with like-minded faith and family. It’s a great way for my kids to see that they are not alone trying to live their Catholic faith out in a difficult world!
It’s the easiest and best money we decided to spend for connection, crafts, and community!"

-The Sondeno Family

“We absolutely love being part of the clubhouse"

Our favorite part is the Q&A with the Religious. It has opened all of our eyes to how diverse and beautiful the religious life is and opened discussions about our own children's vocations. Previous to being part of the clubhouse, our kids had no exposure to the religious life beyond our parish priest. Now our kids get to ask questions to religious all over the country and hear their individual stories.
I highly recommend the Clubhouse to all families as it has been such a blessing to ours.”

-The Dinkel Family

You will receive a note sharing what’s happening in the Clubhouse that week. When it’s time for the call, just click the Zoom link to join! We encourage you to sync your digital calendar with the Clubhouse calendar, so you never have to hunt for the link.


How It Works

Will keep you connected with other parents. It is also where you can share feedback and make requests.

Prayer, a little teaching from Nancy, and our activity. Kids are encouraged to participate, share thoughts, and ask questions. At the end, we show what we’ve done and close with prayer. Each call is 1 hour long. Within 24 hours, the replay is available! 



Our Slack Community

On Monday

Most calls include  


Save 33% by joining annually! 

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Each month

The Clubhouse is perfect for you if…

You’re excited to be Catholic but feel you still have a lot to learn. If you’re newly excited about your faith, you’ll be in great company as many of our parents have said they’re learning alongside their kids and enjoying it so much! 

You have all the plans to teach the faith but struggle with execution. The Clubhouse is the perfect tool to add to what you’re already doing. We designed it so your kids can just show up, learn, and enjoy. 

You have kids ages 5 to 16 who are looking to have fun being Catholic and connect with other kids around the world. We strive to make sure there is something for everyone who comes to our calls. 

There are lots of resources out there for Catholic families. How do you know if The Clubhouse is right for you?

You already have a strong faith community. The Clubhouse offers access to parts of the faith you might not otherwise experience – including conversations with Religious Orders, a tour of the Holy Land, and other exciting opportunities. 

You’re willing to make time to show up live on the calls. Of course, it’s hard to attend every call but the families who love the Clubhouse the most, show up live!

You are part of the universal Church, whether that means you attend Traditional Latin Mass or Novus Ordo, live in the US or the UK, homeschool, or attend public school. All Catholic kids are welcome!

We’re ready to be part of a
Catholic community!

"The clubhouse has been an excellent add on to our homeschool" 

“We live very rurally and it's difficult to meet up with many other Catholic homeschoolers and even harder to engage with a diverse group of religious. This subscription has allowed us to do that and it's been so enriching for my kids of all ages. We have also enjoyed the crafts and it's nice for it to be scheduled in so I don't have to remember to add that in during our year.”

-The Richards Family

"My son is 9 and has really been enjoying the Clubhouse"

“ His favorite activity has been the religious Q&A's. He has been asking me so many more questions about vocations since being able to see and visit with actual sisters, priests, and brothers. He also really enjoys seeing all the other kids/families on the Zoom calls. He is realizing that the church is more than what he sees and experiences here in his hometown.”

-The Miller Family

Got questions? Good! We welcome them! 

Here are some questions parents just like you asked before joining The Clubhouse.


The truth is, you make time for what’s important. I’ve been that mom who purchases resources….and then fails to use them. This is why we promise that if you make the effort to show up live, your kids will get something out of the call. 

Our goal has always been to plan such engaging and important calls that it’s worth changing your plan to come live or watch the replay. When you join, you’ll have access to the replay of every call we’ve ever done (including 10+ calls with different religious orders) and everything going forward. 

Half of our calls are on Saturday mid-morning, and the other half are on weekday afternoons. No matter your time zone, we hope you’ll be able to make some of the calls live. 

Is this just another resource I won’t have the energy or ability to use? 

The beauty of The Clubhouse is that it’s done for you. All you have to do is show up. If you’re anything like me, you have all these plans for your family, but time gets away from you. With The Clubhouse, those things get done and you don’t have to be the one to do them. Instead of stressing, come with your kids to calls and enjoy the fun! Set aside one hour a week and watch your kids’ interest in the faith bud and grow! 

Can my kids have authentic growth in their faith over a screen? 

Friend, I wish we were all at the same parish and could meet each week in person. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Technology is imperfect but it is powerful. Through technology, we can talk to nuns in California one week and learn about virtue from Sir Roland in Ohio the next. Our Church is universal and one thing our parents say is that they’re so glad their kids can meet kids from all over the world who are also excited about their faith. 

If you’re worried about added screen time, I have good news. When you’re on a Clubhouse call, it’s active and demands participation! The Clubhouse is not a sit-and-zone-out sort of thing. We craft, pray, laugh, discuss, ask questions, play, and meet new people. 

What makes The Clubhouse different from other online resources? 

We’re the only Catholic membership for kids that has engaging weekly calls that include crafts, prayer education, games, face-to-face conversations with Religious Orders, and virtues training. Catholic Sprouts is trusted by hundreds of thousands of families across the world and we bring our robust, accessible, and 100% Catholic teaching to each call. Our goal is to show kids it is fun to be Catholic, and that their faith is a living, beautiful thing that children are invited to part of. 

I have a wide range of kids at home. Would this be engaging for all of them?

Our Craft Club and Pray & Play calls are geared toward children in fourth grade and younger (although lots of bid kids enjoy them too!). Our calls with Religious Orders are engaging and suitable for every age. And, once a month, we gather with Sir Roland for an older kids conversation and Bible study. All families (of every age) are welcome to every call, but we do strive to serve all ages of kids in different ways. 

Remind me what I’m getting when I sign up today?

After you join The Clubhouse you will receive immediate access to our membership area which includes a Replay Library, a Calendar Sync, and our Slack community for our parents. Also, if you sign up before June 17th, you’ll get FREE access to our virtual VBS (normally $25)! 

As a member of The Clubhouse, you will receive access to our weekly calls. Our monthly cadence of calls is as follows: 

Pray & Play: Friday Friday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 4pm MST, 3pm PST
Religious Order Q&A: Second Saturday at 11am EST, 10am CST 9am MST, 8am PST
Craft Club: Thursday Saturday at 11am EST, 10am CST 9am MST, 8am PST
Virtues with Sir Rolland: Fourth Thursday at 5:30pm EST, 4:30pm CST, 3:30 MST, 2:30 PST

What if we discover The Clubhouse isn’t for us?

I understand! You have the option to sign up monthly and cancel at any time, but we also offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.  

How do you make sure the calls are safe for little kids?

Every member of the Catholic Sprouts team has completed Safe Environment training in their home diocese. We also will have a minimum of two adults on each call. During the calls, we actively monitor and excuse inappropriate behaviors. 

Be A Part Of The Clubhouse

Save 33% by joining annually! 

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Each month

“With the Clubhouse, there is a whole deeper layer of community to add to our lives"

“With the Clubhouse, there is a whole deeper layer of community to add to our lives. And I don't have to encourage my kids to go or to participate, they ask to! They even chose joining a zoom call to learn about virtue , rather than watch a TV show. I'm so thankful to have this resource in raising my family."

-The  Cradle  Family

"Join the Clubhouse! It’s worth every penny!”

“My kids have enjoyed the online liturgical events inside the Clubhouse that provide them the opportunity to interact with other Catholic kids. They enjoy crafting and learning about their faith. If you want to help your kids grow in knowledge of the Catholic faith and in virtue, look no further and join the Clubhouse! It’s worth every penny!”

-The Dimayuga  Family

You can always join monthly and cancel at any time without penalty. 

For annual members, we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

The Catholic Sprouts Promise