Coloring Page for Catholic Moms

  1. Jose L. says:

    A woman can be more beautiful if she has what we called submission. Just like the bible said, “she got up immediately and waiting on them.”. Anyway, I love how you color your coloring book. I wish I could have one for my daughter.

  2. Araceli Robles says:

    Please add a please add gratitude pages and make it an 8.5×11!!!
    Everyone I know complaints that the standard 6.5×9 is too small!

  3. Alicia says:

    Love the coloring page! 🙂

  4. Susie says:

    Nancy, I am looking forward to your Catholic planner. Please consider including a monthly school year calendar too (not weekly). The reason is during the fall school starts and we get dates for the ‘whole academic calendar year’ to save and I will need to have a place to keep those dates and the ones that come up towards the end of the year. Then we can transfer over those dates in the next year calendar from our one go to source ‘your Catholic Women’s Companion.’ I would not consider a planner adequate that did not have this feature. (18 month -monthly calendar) In fact, that is more important to me than weekly pages. Second, you say it will be an actual ‘printed book’. With all the planner craze going on and women needing to customize their planners with pages and features… perhaps consider providing an option for 3 ring binders (I personally like the half page size as it is more discretely portable) This option for 3 ring binders could simply be that there is ample room to cut off the spine and have drilled at Office Depot. Two standard sizes: full page and half page would be the most universally usable. One of the frustrations of this planner market is the unique binding making mix and matching of accessories impossible. (comb, 2 ring, disc, 3 ring, not standard size pages, etc) I use Outlook for my phone and computer to schedule my families appointments and I print out my pages with all my color categories and 3 hole punch them to add to my binder. Yet I yearn for Catholic content. A pretty Monthly spread (still room for family apts) but perhaps a Catholic header

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