Pie Chart Pendants…for Pi Day!

  1. […] Pie chart pendants at Do Small Things With Love […]

  2. Vixie says:

    Hi Nancy! I love this! I’ve included it in a post on my little blog – I hope that’s OK with you? I’ve credited and linked back to you 🙂

    The post is here, if you’d like to see it: http://www.matinlapin.com/2013/03/my-favourite-things-this-week-64.html

    Have a great day!

  3. Jeannie Clemens says:

    Cleaver idea.

  4. Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects says:

    I love it! Who can resist geek-crafts??

  5. Morena Hockley says:

    So cute! I had seen these on Craftgawker. Great idea!

  6. Marilyn Clark says:

    What a fun PI day project for next year! 😀

  7. Amy says:

    So cool! I love it! I have some paint chips downstairs…hmmmm…

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