When We are Parenting Alone

  1. Jenny says:

    Very well said. My husband doesn’t travel for work (at this time) but often works long enough hours that he leaves before the kids are up and is home after they are in bed. And it looks as though he may have to work out of town (he’s a carpenter) for days at a time in the not too distant future, shortly after we welcome our fourth child. I’m not looking forward to that! But as you say, it’s an opportunity at least to be grateful to realize that if I *could* do it all by myself perfectly, he’d be a meaningless addition to the equation of family. When he’s not here is when I realize most my weaknesses wherein his strengths are able to counteract. That’s a good thing to be aware of.

  2. very well written..so true. god bless. we have a humorous article.


  3. Nancy,

    That was beautiful and gripping! You are very brave for taking three little ones out to McDonalds all by yourself. I am expecting number two and barely want to leave the house now. It may just be that the 3rd trimester fatigue has hit me this week.

    Thank you for being so honest and open and making me realize how much my husband helps me!


  4. Rachel says:

    I am a single mom of 2 under 3 years old, and I struggle so much with feeling overwhelmed with the burden of trying to be the best mom for my kids and yet losing my patience at little things. I love this: “But it is hard. So hard. Denying this is denying the very truth of parenthood: it is a job for 2 people and I am one 1 person, no matter how hard I try or what act I put on. I am only 1 person.” Acknowledging this reality helps me have patience with myself that I am NOT superwoman and that’s ok.

    • I am so glad this resonated with you, even though what you do is so much more than what I do. To be an actual single mom is so much more than what I do. Prayers for you!

  5. Oh friend, tears. I have been there. It is so hard. You are absolutely allowed to name and claim your hard. We were sent out two by two, and whenever it is one alone – whether by choice or by force – it is super hard.
    Prayers and peace and patient thoughts winging your way! May there be chocolate or Netflix or wine or a long hot bath at the end of your day.

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