Why Married Women Suck

  1. Howard says:

    I thank God.For your testimony.There’s a lot of times.I come home from work.or were ever . And talk to me lady .I realize ,I’m alone.
    I have a lot of faith.I keep telling myself that my God sayed, He has a Godly woman for me .Just wait.Obedience is first.Don’t ask me about going to church.My past includes a church. And yes the Devil go there too.
    So what I’m trying to say. Thanks again.
    I’m going to wait for God.
    I’m 55. I been waiting for.about 30years
    I will wait for him Thanks

  2. Morgan says:

    I’ve had these same thoughts. I used to cringe watching married women say these kinds of things. Now that I’ve been married for 15 years, I cringe even more. There are 2 things I do. First, I don’t bring it up as a point of comparison to begin with. It’s not like a lady’s entire job is to get married and she is “failing” as a woman if she is single. Countless incredibly important people — men and women both, and Jesus included — never married; many remained virgins their whole life. So obviously God made humankind for more than just physical procreation. Second, I don’t do the “someday it will happen for you,” but I do tell them one truth from my life. A lot of people married late in my family. So don’t let anyone tell you there’s a magic age you pass and then you’re just plain out of luck. My grandmother married at 18; after her husband’s early death from cancer, she remarried at 40. She lived for decades with this man and untimately outlived him, marrying again at 70. All were great marriages. There is no “window” you have to meet.

  3. And That Is The Truth says:

    Well especially the women that now have their careers today are the worst of all because of their greed and selfishness that is everywhere now unfortunately. And most of them are the biggest cheaters of them all as well.

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