It’s time to get excited about our Catholic Faith because it really is so awesome! There is so much to be excited about with our faith–and the extra bonus is that the more excited we are about our faith, the more our KIDS will fall in love with the faith! 10 reasons it’s awesome to […]

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February 28, 2019

10 Reasons It’s Awesome to Be Catholic

Welcome back! We are continuing on with our series on the Virtues of the Rosary today. If you scroll back through previous episodes, you will see that I have already talked about the virtues for the Joyful and Luminous mysteries. So today we are moving onto the Second Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar. […]

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September 12, 2018

J1ST 062: Mortification

Hey friends! I am excited to share today’s episode of the podcast with you! It features one of my favorite people–my beloved cousin Jodi–and discusses a SUPER important topic: Praying for Priests. But, instead of just generally trying to inspire you to pray for priests (which we all should be doing) this episode discusses a […]

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May 16, 2018

J1ST 045: Praying for Priests