J1ST 029: On Spiritual Reading

  1. Gabriela Meli says:

    A Witness to Joy is an amazing book about the life of Chiara Corbella Petrillo, she died just a few years ago and her cause for beatification has started. Also, the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood.

  2. Emily Kelly says:

    HI Nancy!
    Two books that I’ve STARTED awhile back are ‘Holiness for Housewives’ and ‘How to Be Holy, How to Be Happy’. They are fairly small and broken down into very short chapters, so they are pretty manageable. I’m hoping to pick them up again soon!! We’ll see. Thanks for the recomendations!
    Blessings, Emily

  3. terri lackey says:

    I found a photo of a lenten cross string art on your blog and i just have to use it on my womenoftheelca.org page. Lent and Valentine’s day! I’ve been searching like crazy.

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