Rosary Booklet, On Sale Now

  1. Tony Conte says:

    Hello Nancy, I am a member of the Knights Of Columbus Council #13429 at St Margaret of York parish, Loveland, Ohio. I am the spiritual director at the moment and about two years ago I started praying the Rosary with my wife, daily. A year ago I saw a way that I could get more people interested in praying the Rosary more, so I offered to say the Rosary with my fellow Knights before each business meeting. We meet one half hour before those meetings and pray a Rosary together. Recently I made a suggestion at one of our meetings to offer a class to teach 2nd graders to make and how to pray their own Rosary. The Knights graciously agreed to pay for all the supplies that I will need to make the Rosaries. I will be asking if they will also pay for the reflection booklets you are selling.

  2. Sylvia Martí Coll says:

    I am so happy you are working in promoting the devotion of the Rosary, me too. How do I order you booklet?

  3. Julanne Kowalski says:

    I’ve lost track of how many of these books I’ve given to people and everyone has loved it. I Zoom with three of my sisters-in-law every morning to pray the rosary, using your book and we have all been blessed incredibly blessed by it.

  4. Nora King says:

    I’m try to find a domination that suits me. I love this Catholic one. I found a beautiful church in Purcell Oklahoma. It’s Our Lady of Victory Church. Everyone there is so friendly and good to me. I want to make this part of my life and routine. Maybe some how this will work out for me. Hope you have a very blessed day.

  5. Jeanne guichard says:

    Have you discontinued the rosary book. My sister had it from thelittlecatholicbox but I’m not able to order your book.?Could you send me a link to get one?
    Thanks, jeanne

  6. Heather L. says:

    This is a wonderful book full of rich reflections on the rosary. I love the simplicity and beauty of the book. Initially, I ordered two books – one for my husband and I to share and one for a gift. My husband and I love the book so much that he kept one for himself. I will be ordering more to give as gifts.

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